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Innovation in every transaction

The Cash Payment ATM is not just another money management system; it is a leap forward in how your business processes cash. Fast, secure and hygienic - the Cash Payment ATM sets a new standard in efficiency and staff savings.

Why the cash payment terminal?

Savings in personnel costs:

Reduces the need for additional staff at the cash register, leading to significant cost savings.

Ease of use and efficiency:

The automatic does the rest - fast, accurate and reliable.

Hygiene and safety:

Minimize physical contact with cash, creating a safer and more hygienic environment.

Smart change:

Sophisticated system that returns exactly the right change, every time.

Efficiency in integration:

Works seamlessly with your existing POS systems for a smooth transaction experience.

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How does it work?

1. Acceptance of payment: Customers pay with cash, which is processed quickly and
accurately by the machine.
2. Issue of change: If needed, the vending machine quickly and accurately returns
3.Integration with POS systems: The vending machine seamlessly records every transaction
into your existing POS system.
4.Safe and hygienic: Reduces contact with cash for a safer and
cleaner working environment.

Your investment, your choice

Now for as little as €5 per day

Flexible payment options: Choose a payment plan that suits your business needs, including our attractive OPEX models. Pay for use and enjoy the benefits without the burden of a large one-time investment.

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Ideal for any industry

Whether you run a small café, a large store or a busy supermarket, the Cash Pay machine is the perfect addition to your business. Increase your customers' satisfaction and your staff's efficiency.

Take the step to efficiency

Choose a future where cash management is fast, easy and secure. Contact us for more information or a demonstration.

Easy to use

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"The Cash Payment Machine has completely changed our sales experience. Faster, safer, easier - it really is a game-changer!"