CashSpeed Solution; The count-free store

Since 2016, CashSpeed has been developing innovative solutions to contribute to faster, more efficient and accurate cash management and to reduce or even prevent financial losses for companies.

The solution is based on unique technology. The result of years of research and development, aiming to respond to all problems faced by business owners in the field of cash management. Regardless of the POS software.

  • The software is revolutionizing cash processing management
  • Easy and fast integration with POS software possible
  • Recording and analysis of operations per cashier and per store

Cash handling requires time and regardless of quantity is still a significant cost. The risks and costs associated with this increase significantly when you manage multiple POS points and all the more so when you manage multiple branches.

SMARTtill® continuously weighs the contents. So you always know what's in the cash drawer. Counting is no longer necessary, which can quickly save you up to 75% in time.

CCi Standard

CCi Smartsafe checks and counts all deposited banknotes and stores them in a sealed bag or cassette. No need to count them before depositing them!

Financial losses

Theft and collection errors cost retailers more than EUR 60 billion annually. In addition to the direct costs, these problems have a financial impact on the organisation and require a lot of time from managers, time that cannot be focused on other important activities.

Waste of time

The time it takes to process cash, prepare for opening and closing. That multiplied by the number of cash registers, stores and employees, is a real drain on a business.

Visibility of the cash flow

As the number of cash registers or stores increases, remote cash management becomes more complex. You need to optimize management almost in real time: transaction errors, inventory of coins and bills, activity spikes, securing excess cash, etc.

Risk to personnel

Staff are subject to direct or indirect pressures related to cash handling: exposure to the risk of theft, stress related to possible counting errors, occasional disputes with certain customers over a transaction, etc.

Mobile app

Imagine this;

▪ No more counting
▪ View the contents of the cash register at a glance
▪ Less or no more walking with money
▪ No rigorous adjustments in process
▪ Fliptop model fits into space ANKER cash drawer
▪ Maintain personal contact with customer
▪ 1 cash drawer per cash register or 1 central cash register
▪ View multiple locations within 1 platform
▪ Reports via desktop or App
▪ Limited investment compared to alternatives

More and more entrepreneurs rely on the added value of a smartsafe and self-counting cash drawer. 'With the CCi and Moneytronic's SMARTtill® we now have a 98% closed cash flow and instant digital reporting of all cash movements.' According to Tim van Wijnbergen from PLUS Beek. Contact us for a demo on location or via Teams.

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