CounterCache Basic Random Flat

€ 204,49 incl BTW
€ 169,00 excl BTW

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The quality of this cashbox cannot be compared to the cheaper alternatives. The Cashboxes of Volumatic are the most used worldwide. The Basic catches the notes neatly, end of the day you can easily take notes out of the box. The Random Flat is provided with flat keys with changing lock numbers. There is also a solid Radial key available and a model with removable cassettes for safe transport.

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Dimensions in mm (hxwxd) 230x120x200
Weight in kg. 4.5 kg
Detection n.a.
Detection speed n.a.
Battery n.a.
Currency All
100% test result (www.ecb.europa.eu) n.a.
Capacity 400 notes
Indication WB € 0.00
Lock type Radial key, random
Warranty 12 months
Brand Volumatic
Unit Piece
Color Black
Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 23 × 12 × 20 cm

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