CCi a smart, compact and reliable depositing system


CCi is the smart alternative to traditional cash boxes or tube mail.

Every deposited banknote is checked for authenticity (100% ECB) and registered immediately. Physical contact with money is no longer necessary. CCi can store the banknotes in a closed Cassette or TruPouch (sealed bag) that can be presented directly to your bank or security company. 


The CCi can be equipped with a function separation facility. 

This provides you with a powerful tool that allows you to deposit at the level you want. This will prevent unnecessary payments during opening hours. CashView's reporting feature provides you with a clear and accurate overview of all remittances per denomination. You can draw up the cash account in the normal way, without having to count it. CCi is the best Smartsafe for retail. A Smartsafe that does what it needs to do, gives you a safe feeling and saves you up to hours of time per week. Depending on your situation, CCi is available with special TruPouches (sealed bags) or cassettes.

Several insurance companies insure the contents of smartsafes so you can leave the contents for days.

Use the CCi I-Button with the CCi with separation of functions to deposit at cash register, drawer or employee level. Each i-Button is given a name so that you can easily see in the software what has been deposited.
Why CCi is the best choice for you we will gladly tell you during a short conversation.

Moneytronic BV in Rosmalen has been a specialist in cash management solutions for over 20 years. Counterfeit detection, money weighing systems, coin and note counters, contactless cash payment solutions, smartsafes, safes, lockers are a selection from our range. Our basis rests on knowledge, passion for the profession and reliable products.

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