AH Ridderkerk Dillenburgplein

Albert Heijn Ridderkerk


Sylvia Heeren: "Before the major conversion to our new AH Dillenburgplein in Ridderkerk started, we went through everything in terms of renewal".

What to do with the security around the box office. We emptied safety deposit boxes, counted it every day and finally took it to the bank ourselves. Unsafe and cash-strapped. We absolutely wanted to get rid of this. But would we go for skimming boxes, tube mail or the challenge of new CCIs? The costs are equal to the costs of the tube post where money still goes through the hands of employees every day.

The decisive factor for us to start this new project was the security. The electronic safes count the money immediately, check it for authenticity and register each employee.

The pouches in the electronic safes are safe and indicate automatically when a pouch is full and needs to be changed. Changing these pouches takes some getting used to but is safe and nobody can touch the money anymore. The numbered, full pouches end up directly in the safe. You cream the complete pouch in the computer and at 4 to 5 pouches you can make a deposit. So not only safety is an advantage, it also saves time. Wet counting is absolutely not necessary anymore. We had to get used to the new AH system to close off the week, but we can now proudly say that our cash register differences, thanks to the CCIs, are almost nil."

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