Intratuin Moubis - Ibbenbüren

Intratuin Moubis


At Intratuin Moubis in Ibbenbüren (member of the Intratuin Group) owner Henning Moubis has been using closed payment systems at 4 cash registers for some time now.

For this purpose the "Coinmaster" devices of Moneytronic are used, which are placed at the checkouts and are operated by employees.

Owner Henning Moubis: "Using the device is very easy, saves a lot of time and is also much
safer than the conventional manual payment method." Via a direct connection to the cash register system, the customer can see the amount to be paid for control purposes, insert their cash (banknotes and/or coins) into the device and get their change back within seconds. Because the payment process is automated, you have more time to exchange a few personal words with the customer, e.g. to point out special offers or promotions.

Employees no longer have direct contact with cash, which is a major safety benefit. The payment process is automated and the laborious manual counting of tills is no longer necessary, saving employees valuable time, especially in the evening. Due to the high capacities for coins and banknotes, the device only needs to be opened very rarely.

Henning Moubis: "I have always looked for a way to simplify and make the entire cash transaction safer for customers and employees. We succeeded in this with the new money changer. ”

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