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Tim de Gier, owner of a beautiful butcher's shop in Nijkerk, has been using a closed payment system, also known as a recycler, for several months.           

Tim had already seen such a solution in Belgium, where this is now quite "normal". Apart from the hygiene, it is nice that mistakes can no longer be made. From the new cash registers comes a receipt with a QR code on it. This code is scanned and then the customer can pay. 

Apart from the investment, this is quite a radical change for both employees and customers. At first, the employees thought it was 'Yet another new hassle. We always paid with money! And now this. Fortunately, this thought did not last long.

Customers, too, were not always immediately enthusiastic until they discovered how simple the actions were. Even older customers were quite taken with it after a while. We also always walk with the customer to the payment machine, which is very personal and appreciated.

In short, we are very happy with the recycler and believe that this definitely has a future in the Netherlands.

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