Smartsafes; Closed drop-off Systems

Smartsafes or smart safe solutions are now a well-known phenomenon. A smart safe offers security, control and storage. There are variants that are suitable for at the POS (front office) or back office.

For almost 10 years we have been supplying the CCi from Volumatic. CCi is perhaps the best smartsafe for retail. No hassle and maximum flexibility. A smart safe that does what it's supposed to do, gives you a secure feeling and saves you up to hours of time per week. Depending on your situation CCi is available with special TruPouches (sealed bags) or Cassettes. Several insurance companies insure the content of the Smartsafes so you can leave the content for days. Why CCi or just another variant is the best choice we can tell you in a short conversation.

The advantages at a glance:

  • TruPouches deposit directly at CIT (A-quality deposit)
  • Cassette variant available (convenient for filling ATM)
  • Capacity up to 450 notes or 900 in CCi XL 
  • Available with additional safe, coverage up to € 10,000
  • Several insurers offer coverage without a safe up to € 10,000
  • User-friendly and clear reporting function
  • Insight possible from head office
  • Available with various security enclosures
  • Over 25,000 systems in use across the EU
  • Available with function separation for shared use

Introduction CCi:


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