SMARTtill®; Self-counting cash drawer

From climate control to ordering systems, today in the average store just about everything is automated. Except for cash handling, which takes too much time in proportion.

SMARTtill® is not just another cash drawer. The smart cash drawer counts by weight, a technology that not only we but also our customers have relied on for years.

Research shows that partly due to rising personnel costs and/or staff shortages, the cost per transaction is significantly out of line with PIN. In addition, all that manual week is also susceptible to fraud. 

With SMARTtill® from APG, we make your company a lot smarter within hours. We make sure your company becomes completely TELFREE and we show you where any discrepancies may have originated! You keep a grip on what happens at the cash register and the cash layout is peanuts. In combination with the CCi Smartsafe we create a closed solution. 

Peace of mind for you and your employees. Let us calculate how quickly you will have recovered your investment.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Eliminate manual cash register counts
  • Reduce investigation time when errors occur
  • An enhanced shopping experience through optimal employee engagement  
  • Full audit trail for cash transactions  
  • Ability to integrate CCTV to locate discrepancies
  • Reduce cash differences by up to 90%.
  • Reduce cash-in-transit (CIT) costs.
  • Reinvest 'dead money' from remaining cash drawers
  • Warnings on transaction errors, skimming and additions  

SMARTtill by APG;