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Shipping costs

Shipping costs are based on weight. For most products, shipping costs are limited to € 13.25. For larger or heavier products, different shipping costs apply. If you want to pick up an article, please contact us. 

The rates:

EN 0-5kg € 13,25
EN 5-10 kg € 15,90
EN 10-15 kg € 18,55
EN 15-20 kg € 21,25
EN 20-30 kg € 35,00
EN 30+ kg On request
BE, DE, LU 0-5kg € 21,25
BE, DE, LU 5-10 kg € 26,50
BE, DE, LU 10-15 kg € 31,75
BE, DE, LU 15-20 kg € 37,50
BE, DE, LU 20-30 kg € 45,00
BE, DE, LU 30+ kg On request

 For our transports we use the services of KDZ Express.

Delivery times

Orders placed before 15:00 will be processed on the same day. In most cases an order will be offered the next working day. If a product is not in stock or if it is a custom made product, we will contact you immediately to discuss the possibilities or delivery times. 


Are you not satisfied with the product you ordered or have you reported a defect? On the page you will find a return form. To prevent the package from getting lost we ask you to fill in the customer return form and send it along.